• Tenure

Job Requirements:

Applicants are outstanding scientists from well-known universities, research institutes, and leading companies in related industry.  Applicants should have a broad interdisciplinary vision and international peer recognition, and have the strong potential to collaborate with scientists of the ISTBI in scientific research and postgraduate education.

Our offers:

(1)Provide talent apartments, and enjoy competitive salaries and housing allowances.

(2)According to the direction and work needs of the subject, we will provide adequate research start-up costs, and equip you with research assistants.

(3)School will provide various types of insurance and housing provident funds according to national and Shanghai policies.

All individuals in tenure-track positions will be subject to an international academic evaluation after six years of employment.  Successful individuals will be qualified to transfer to a tenured position and/or promote their academic qualifications to higher-levels. The qualifications of tenure positions could be Chair Professor, Professor, and Associate Professor.