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Research Centres

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Research Centres

• Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience

 I: Translational neuroscience

 II: Neuronal circuits

• Centre for Big Data of Biomedical Sciences

 I: Multiscale brain database construction

 II: Computational brain diseases

 III: Brain function analytics

• Centre for Computational Systems Biology

 I: Computational neuroscience and neuromorphology

 II: Nonlinear science and its applications to complex systems

 III: Evolutionary biology and genetics modelling

• Centre for Biomedical Imaging

 I: Biomedical imaging

 II: Molecular imaging

 III: Magnetic resonance technology

 IV: Imaging assisted diagnostics

• Centre for Neural and Intelligent Engineering

 I: Neuro-modulation and neuro-bionics

 II: Human-machine interface

• Centre for Brain-Inspired Chip and Systems

• Centre for Research Translation and Collaboration