• Xiaoyong Zhang
  • Research Direction:Quantitative MRI of the Brain Functional MRI Molecular Imaging
  • Email:xiaoyong_zhang@fudan.edu.cn
  • Website:
  • Brief Introduction:Dr. Xiaoyong Zhang is an associate professor in the ISTBI at Fudan University. He received B.S. and Ph.D. from the Fourth Military Medical University in China. After that, he completed postdoctoral fellowships at the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech and Emory University, and Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Science (VUIIS) in the US, respectively. In 2012, he received a Nomination Award for Young Scientist at Emory University and a Cum Laude Merit Award from the International Society for Magnetic Resonance (ISMRM). His research focuses on the investigation of brain disorders using both metabolic MRI (MRS&CEST) and functional MRI, and the linkage between these two modalities. In 2017, his research was highlighted in the official website of ISMRM. Till now, Dr. Zhang has published more than 10 SCI articles as the first author. He has been invited to give 6 oral presentations at international academic conferences. In addition, Dr. Zhang serves as a reviewer for several reputed international journals.
  • Achievement:

    1)Ziyi Jin, Qi Yue, Wenjia Duan, An Sui, Botao Zhao, Yinhui Deng, Yuting Zhai, Yuwen Zhang, Tao Sun, Guang-Ping Zhang, Limei Han, Ying Mao*, Jinhua Yu*,Xiao-Yong Zhang*, Cong Li*. Intelligent SERS Navigation System Guiding Brain Tumor Surgery by Intraoperatively Delineating the Metabolic Acidosis.Advanced Science. 2022 Jan 12; e2104935. doi: 10.1002/advs.202104935.

    2)Ziqi Yu, Xiaoyang Han, Yuting Zhai, Tingying Peng,Xiao-Yong Zhang*. MouseGAN: GAN-Based Multiple MRI Modalities Synthesis and Segmentation for Mouse Brain Structures.MICCAI2021. pp. 442–450.

    3)Botao Zhao,Yan Ren, Ziqi Yu, Jinhua Yu, Tingying Peng,Xiao-Yong Zhang*. AUCseg: An Automatically Unsupervised Clustering Toolbox for 3D-Segmentation of High-Grade Gliomas in Multi-Parametric MR Images.Frontiers in Oncology.14 June 2021. https://doi.org/10.3389/fonc.2021.679952

    4)He, Wenxiu#; Mei, Qiyong#; Li, Jie#; Zhai, Yuting; Chen, Yiting; Wang, Rui; Lu, Enhao;Zhang,Xiao-Yong*; Zhang, Zhiyong*; Sha, Xianyi*. Preferential Targeting Cerebral Ischemic Lesions with Cancer Cell-Inspired Nanovehicle for Ischemic Stroke Treatment.Nano Letters.2021, 21, 7, 3033–3043.

    5)Zhang, Xiao-Yong; Zhai, Yuting; Jin, Ziyi; Li, Cong; Sun, Philip Zhe; Wu, Yin. Preliminary demonstration of in vivo quasi-steady-state CEST postprocessing-Correction of saturation time and relaxation delay for robust quantification of tumor MT and APT effects.MagneticResonance in Medicine,2021 Aug;86(2):943-953.

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