• Chunhe LI
  • Research Direction:Computational Systems Biology, Computational Neuroscience, Data Mining
  • Email:chunheli@fudan.edu.cn
  • Website:https://faculty.fudan.edu.cn/lichunhe/zh_CN
  • Brief Introduction:Chunhe Li, tenured associate professor and doctoral supervisor, is engaged in researches in computational biophysics, computational systems biology, gene regulatory networks, and data mining. As the first or corresponding author, he has published more than 30 papers in PNAS, Advanced Science, PLOS Comput. Biol. and other journals. In 2017, he was selected into the national "Youth Overseas High-level Talent Introduction Program". The projects undertaken include 1 key R&D program (transformative technology) of the Ministry of Science and Technology (host), and 2 general projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (host).He also won the Best Paper Award at the 2020 International Conference of Chinese Mathematicians.
  • Achievement:

    1.Xin Kang;Chunhe Li*; A Dimension Reduction Approach for Energy Landscape: Identifying Intermediate States in Metabolism-EMT Network,Advanced Science, 2021, 8: 2003133.

    2.Xin Kang; Jin Wang*;Chunhe Li*; Exposing the Underlying Relationship of Cancer Metastasis to Metabolism and Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transitions,iScience, 2019,21: 754-772.

    3.Yujie Ye; Xin Kang; Jordan Bailey;Chunhe Li*; Tian Hong*; An enriched

    network motif family regulates multistep cell fate transitions with restricted reversibility,PLoS Comput Biol, 2019, 15: e1006855-e1006855. (2020 ICCM best paper award)

    4.Chunhe Li; Jin Wang*; Landscape and flux reveal a new global view and physical quantification of mammalian cell cycle,Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 2014, 111: 14130-14135.

    5.Chunhe Li; Jin Wang*; Quantifying Cell Fate Decisions for Differentiation and Reprogramming of a Human Stem Cell Network: Landscape and Biological Paths.,PLoS Comut. Biol., 2013, 9: e1003165-e1003165.