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  • National, Provincial and Ministerial-level Construction Platforms

    · Key Laboratory of Science and Technology for Computational Neuroscience and Brain-Inspired Intelligence, Ministry of Education, China

    · Overseas Expertise Introduction Centre for Discipline Innovation on ComputationalNeuroscience and Brain-inspired Intelligence, Ministry of Education, China (“111Center”)

  • Industrialization Platform

    ·Fudan-CSG Joint laboratory

  • Joint Research Centres

    ·Centre for Heart and Brain Health (In partnership with Xin Hua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine )

    ·Shanghai Demonstration Platform for Intelligent Diagnosis of Brain Diseases (In partnership with Zhong Shan Hospital)

    ·Centre for Computational Translational Medicine (In partnership with Nanjing General Hospital)

    ·Fudan-KCL Joint Research for Brain Science

    ·Institute of Deep Learning (In partnership with School of Data Science, Fudan University)