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1. Communist Party Committee Leadership

Secretary: Prof. Junnan ZHANG

Duties: General management of party’sdevelopment and execution

Deputy Secretary: Prof. Deqing YANG

Duties: Discipline Inspection

Deputy Secretary: Ms. Yanlei ZHU

Duties: Graduate Ideological & Political Education, Party Construction, Young League Management, Scholarship & Financial Aid Management, Career Service, Mental Health, etc.

2. Administration Leadership

Dean: Prof. Jianfeng FENG

Duties: General management of institute’sdevelopment

Deputy Dean: Prof. Xiangyang XUE

Duties: Curriculum Construction, Strategic Planning, Research, Industry Engagement, Graduate Education, etc. Construction of Center for Frontiers in Brain Science, National Laboratories, and joint laboratories with enterprises.

Deputy Dean: Ms. Xiaohua XIE

Duties: Human Resources, Administrative Routines, Assets & Spaces, Research Platform Construction, Safety Management, etc. Assistance in Research and Industry Engagement. Development of Zhangjiang Fudan International Innovation Center andShanghai Municipal Science and Technology Major Project.

Deputy Dean: Prof. Shouyan WANG

Duties: Global Engagement, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Faculty Employment and Development, Postdoc Management, etc. Assistance inOverseas Expertise Introduction Project for Discipline Innovation and International Cooperation & Communication Projects. Construction of National Key Laboratory and Ethics Committee.