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Distinguished Professor

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Job Requirements:

Applicants must have been internationally recognized and have outstanding academic achievements in brain-inspired artificial intelligence or related fields. Applicants must be capable of leading scientists and establishing a world-class research team. The appointed Distinguished Professors will become leaders or co-leaders of one of the six research centres and will, with their research teams, carry out work that achieves the mission of their center. The Distinguished Professors also have the duties of recruiting and managing their teams.

Job Remuneration:

(1) Provide talent apartments, and enjoy competitive salaries and housing allowances.

(2) According to the direction and work needs of the subject, we will provide adequate research start-up costs, and equip you with research assistants.

(3) School will provide various types of insurance and housing provident funds according to national and Shanghai policies.

All individuals in tenure-track positions will be subject to an international academic evaluation after six years of employment. Successful individuals will be qualified to transfer to a tenured position and/or promote their academic qualifications to higher-levels. The qualifications of tenure positions could be Chair Professor, Professor, and Associate Professor.

Applications can be submitted to the email address:istbi@fudan.edu.cn with the subject line containing the position applied for. Paper-based submissions are not initially necessary. An application should include:

(i) A cover letter that contains a brief research plan and how suited the plan is to the position applied for;

(ii) A CV in English that contain a full list of publications and contact information of at least five full professors who can act as referees;

(iii) Five representative works (include journal papers, monographs and patents);

(iv) Certificate of highest degree