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  • Jie ZHANG
  • Research Direction:Computational Systems Biology
  • Email:jzhang080@gmail.com
  • Website:http://homepage.fudan.edu.cn/zhangjie/en/
  • Brief Introduction:Prof. Zhang Jie is with the Institute of Brain-ispired Intelligence at Fudan University. The main research directions are brain function network and computational neuroimaging. In 2007, he obtained a doctorate degree from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He won the "Hong Kong Young Scientist Award" nomination award. He is an honorary member of the "Systematic Modeling Analysis and Prediction" Laboratory at Oxford University. More than 60 SCI papers were published, and two were selected as top-1% global ESI papers. Published journals include PNAS, Brain, Cerebral Cortex and so on, cited more than 2,100 times. Among them, the work on the dynamic brain function network published by Brain in 2016 was selected as the cover article. Prof. Bassett, the 2014 MacArthur Prize winner, wrote a commentary for Brain for this work.
  • Achievement:

    J Zhang#*, W Cheng#, Z Liu#, K Zhang#, X Lei, Y Yao, B Becker, Y Liu, K Kendrick, G Lu, J Feng*, Neural, electrophysiological and anatomical basis of brain-network variability and its characteristic changes in mental disorders. Brain, 2307-2321(2016). 

    J Zhang#, KM Kendrick#, G Lu, J Feng, The fault lies on the other side: Altered brain functional connectivity in psychiatric disorders is mainly caused by counterpart regions in the opposite hemisphere. J Zhang, KM Kendrick, G Lu, J Feng, Cerebral Cortex , 25(10):3475(2015).

    J Zhang#*, M Small. Complex network from pseudoperiodic time series: Topology versus dynamics. Physical review letters, 96 (23), 238701(2006).