• Zhuoyi Song
  • Research Direction:Computational Neuroscience,Sysmtems neuon modelling (reaction-diffusion systems, stochastic processes, systems identification), neural coding, biomimetic vision, brain-inspired intelligence
  • Email:songzhuoyi@fudan.edu.cn
  • Website:
  • Brief Introduction:Dr. Zhuoyi Song is currently a research fellow (tenure-track) at the Institute of science and technology for brain-inspired intelligence (ISTBI). Dr. Song obtained her Ph.D. in 2011 from the department of automatic control and systems engineering at the University of Sheffield, UK. Then, she conducted research at UCL and the University of Sheffield, in the interdisciplinary area of automatic control and computational neuroscience. In 2019, she joined ISTBI as a tenure-track research fellow. Dr. Song has been developing multi-scale computational models and studying neural coding problems, i.e. how neurons encode environmental stimuli with neural signals, which enable brain intelligence. Dr. Song's models have helped to uncover the mysteries for several long-standing questions in insect vision: 1) how a fly photoreceptor adapt to achieve 10-log unit large dynamic range (4-log unit vs. standard camera chip); 2) how fly photoreceptor's photomechanical movements help the visual system to combat motion blur, rather than causing it, achieving motion hyperacute vision. She published her results in high-impact journals, such as Current Biology, eLife, Journal of Neuroscience, etc. Her research interests reside in multi-scale computational modeling and simulations of neural systems, and adaptive neural encoding. She is now developing computational models for the retina and insect compound eye, and applying them to biomimetic visual systems.
  • Achievement:

    Juusola, M.#*, Dau, A.#, Song, Z.#, Solanki, N., Rien, D., Jaciuch, D., Dongre, S., Blanchard, F., de Polavieja, G., Hardie, R., & Takalo, J. (2017). “Microsaccadic sampling of moving image provides Drosophila hyperacute vision”. eLife. (149- page original article, # equal contribution)

    Song, Z., Postma, M., S.A. Billings, Coca, D., Hardie, R.C. & Juusola, M. (2012) "Stochastic Adaptive Sampling of Information in Fly photoreceptors". Current Biology (22), p1371-80.

    Song, Z. & Juusola, M. (2014) “Refractory Sampling Links Efficiency and Costs of Sensory Encoding to Stimulus Statistics”. Journal of Neuroscience (34), p7216 – 7237.