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  • Xinyi LIANG
  • Research Direction:
  • Email:xinyu_liang@fudan.edu.cn; betory9178@gmail.com
  • Website:
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Achievement:

    1.Liang, X., Zhao, C., Jin X., Jiang Y., Yang L., Chen Y.,Gong, G.*Sex-related human brain asymmetry in hemispheric functional gradients.NeuroImage,2021, 229:117761.

    2.Jin, X.#,Liang, X.#and Gong, G.*Functional integration between the two brain hemispheres: Evidence from the homotopic functional connectivity under resting state.Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2020, 14:932.

    3.Su, N.#,Liang, X.#, Zhai, FF., Zhou, LX., Ni, J., Yao M., Tian, F., Zhang, SY., Jin, ZY., Cui, LY., Gong, G.*, Zhu, YC.*The consequence of cerebral small vessel disease: Linking brain atrophy to motor impairment in the elderly.Human brain mapping, 2018, 39:4452-4461.

    ( # Co-first authors, * co-corresponding authors )