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  • Xingming ZHAO
  • Research Direction:Biomedical Artificial Intelligence
  • Email:xmzhao@fudan.edu.cn
  • Website:http://comp-sysbio.org/
  • Brief Introduction:Xing-Ming Zhao is the professor of Institute of Science and Technology for Brain-Inspired Intelligence (ISTBI), Fudan University; Deputy Director of Key Laboratory of Computational Neuroscience and Brain-Inspired Intelligence, Ministry of Education; Executive director of Zhangjiang International Brain Bank; Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Star; candidate of Shanghai Pujiang Talent Program; IEEE Senior Member; IEEE SMC TC on Systems Biology Co-Chair; IEEE SMC Shanghai Chapter Chair; ACM SIGBio China Vice Chair; CCF Senior Member; Deputy Director of Professional Committee of Bioinformatics and Artificial Life, Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence; Standing member of Technical Committees of Bioinformatics, China Computer Federation; Director of Technical Committees of Bioinformatics, Shanghai Computer Society; etc. He has undertaken a number of scientific research projects including 863 program, National key research and development program, major research program and key projects of Natural Science Foundation of China. He has published more than 100 SCI papers in international renowned journals such as Nature, Cell Metabolism, IEEE TPAMI, Nature Communications, Genome Medicine, and Nucleic Acids Research. He has won the first prize of Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Natural Science Award(2020) and the second prize of Natural Science Award Ministry of Education(2018).
  • Achievement:

    1.Wu S, Jiang P, Zhao XM*, Chen WH*. “Treatment regimens may compromise gut-microbiome-derived signatures for liver cirrhosis.” Cell metabolism. 2021, 33(3): 455-456.

    2.Song L, Pan S, Zhang Z, Jia L, Chen WH*, Zhao XM*. “STAB: a spatio-temporal cell atlas of the human brain.” Nucleic acids research. 2021, 49(D1): D1029-D1037.

    3.Li T, Zhao XM*, Li L* “Co-VAE: Drug-target binding affinity prediction by co-regularized variational autoencoders.” IEEE transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence. 2021, doi: 10.1109/TPAMI.2021.3120428.

    4.Shi K, Zhang L, Yu J, Chen Z, Lai S, Zhao X, Li WG, Luo Q, Lin W, Feng J, Bork P, Zhao XM*, Li F*.  “A 12-genus bacterial signature identifies a group of severe autistic children with differential sensory behavior and brain structures.” Clinical and translational medicine. 2021, 11(2): e314.

    5.Dong G, Feng J, Sun F, Chen J*, Zhao XM*. “A global overview of genetically interpretable multimorbidities among common diseases in the UK Biobank.” Genome medicine. 2021, 13(1): 110.