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  • Xiangyang XUE
  • Research Direction:Computer Vision, Robotic Vision, Multimedia Information Processing
  • Email:xyxue@fudan.edu.cn
  • Website:https://faculty.fudan.edu.cn/xyxue/zh_CN/index.htm
  • Brief Introduction:Xue Xiangyang, Professor with Fudan University, vice Dean of Institute of Science and Technology for Brain-Inspired Intelligence and vice Dean of Institute for Big Data. His research interests include computer vision, multimedia information processing, and brain-inspired intelligence system, etc. He has published more than 100 papers in well-known journals (such as IEEE TPAMI、TIP) and top conferences (such as CVPR, ICCV, ICML, NeurIPS, IJCAI, ACM MM, etc.), and won IEEE TMM 2016 and ICME 2017 paper awards. He was selected into the Shanghai Rising Star and Shanghai Academic Leader programs. He is currently the CCF outstanding Member, IEEE Member, ACM Member, the vice President of Shanghai Image and Graphics Association, the vice president of Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Association, the vice president of IEEE Shanghai Branch, the executive director of China Society of Image and Graphics and the deputy director of the Special Committee on Emotional Computing and Understanding.
  • Achievement:

    1)Nanyang Wang, Yinda Zhang, Zhuwen Li, Yanwei Fu, Hang Yu, Wei Liu, Xiangyang Xue, Yu-Gang Jiang, Pixel2Mesh: 3D Mesh Model Generation via Image Guided Deformation. IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis Machine Intelligence, 43(10): 3600-3613 (2021)

    2)Xuelin Qian, Yanwei Fu, Tao Xiang, Yu-Gang Jiang, Xiangyang Xue, Leader-Based Multi-Scale Attention Deep Architecture for Person Re-Identification. IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis Machine Intelligence, 42(2): 371-385 (2020)

    3)Zhiqiang Shen, Zhuang Liu, Jianguo Li, Yu-Gang Jiang, Yurong Chen, Xiangyang Xue, Object Detection from Scratch with Deep Supervision. IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis Machine Intelligence, 42(2): 398-412 (2020)

    4)Yanwei Fu, Xiaomei Wang, Hanze Dong, Yu-Gang Jiang, Meng Wang, Xiangyang Xue, Leonid Sigal, Vocabulary-Informed Zero-Shot and Open-Set Learning. IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis Machine Intelligence42(12): 3136-3152 (2020)

    5)Yu-Gang Jiang, Zuxuan Wu, Jun Wang, Xiangyang Xue, Shih-Fu Chang, Exploiting Feature and Class Relationships in Video Categorization with Regularized Deep Neural Networks. IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis Machine Intelligence, 40(2): 352-364 (2018)

    6)Ning Zhou, William K. Cheung, Guoping Qiu, Xiangyang Xue, A Hybrid Probabilistic Model for Unified Collaborative and Content-Based Image Tagging. IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis Machine Intelligence, 33(7): 1281-1294 (2011)