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Selected Publications

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Evolutionary Control:

Targeted Change of Allele Frequencies in Natural Populations Using Externally Directed Evolution

Journal of Theoretical Biology 419: 362-374 (2017) with Hassan Shafiey and Toni Gossmann.

A Modified Wright-Fisher Model that Incorporates Ne:

A Variant of the Standard Model with Increased Biological Realism and Reduced Computational Complexity

Journal of Theoretical Biology 393: 218-28 (2016) with Lei Zhao and Toni Gossmann.

Exact Simulation of Conditioned Wright-Fisher Models

Journal of Theoretical Biology 363:419-26 (2016) with Lei Zhao and Martin Lascoux.

Inferring Host Range Dynamics from Comparative Data:

The Protozoan Parasites of New World Monkeys

American Naturalist 184:65-74 (2014) with Lucy Weinert and John Welch.

Complete Numerical Solution of the Diffusion Equation of Random Genetic Drift

Genetics 194: 973-985 (2013) with Lei Zhao and Xingye Yue.

Population Growth Enhances the Mean Fixation Time of Neutral Mutations and the Persistence of Neutral Variation

Genetics 191: 561-577 (2012)

A Unified Treatment of the Probability of Fixation When Population Size and the Strength of Selection Change Over Time

Genetics 188: 907-913 (2011)

Is Life Impossible?

Information, Sex and the Origin of Complex Organisms

Evolution 64: 3300-3309 (2010) with Joel Peck

Fundamental Insights into the Random Movement of Animals from a Single Distance-Related Statistic

American Naturalist 174: 506-514 (2009) with Pierre Nouvellet and Jonathan Bacon

Pleiotropic Scaling of Gene Effects and the 'Cost of Complexity'

Nature 452: 470-472 (2008) with Günter Wagner, Jane Kenney-Hunt, Mihaela Pavlicev, Joel Peck and James Cheverud

Fisher's Microscope and Haldane's Ellipse

American Naturalist 166: 447-457 (2005) with John Welch

Sympatric Speciation by Sexual Conflict

PNAS 99, 10533-10538 (2002) with Sergey Gavrilets

Mutation and Sex in a Competitive World

Nature 406: 399-403 (2000) with Joel Peck

Pleiotropy and the Preservation of Perfection

Science 279: 1210-1213 (1998) with Joel Peck

Why do Asexual and Self Fertilizing Populations Tend to Occur in Marginal Environments

Nature 391: 889-892 (1998) with Joel Peck and John Yearsley