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  • Hao Li
  • Research Direction:Magnetic resonance angiography Quantitative MRI MRI pulse sequence design Medical image reconstruction, processing and analysis
  • Email:hl476@cam.ac.uk
  • Website:
  • Brief Introduction:Dr Hao Li completed his PhD in Radiology at the University of Cambridge in 2020, where he continued to work as a Research Associate until March 2022. His research focuses on developing magnetic resonance imaging and image processing methods, including non-contrast-enhanced MR angiography, quantitative MRI and novel microstructural MRI techniques. Dr Li has published more than ten papers in leading journals such as Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. He has won the Passariello Award at the SMRA 2018 meeting and Summa Cum Laude Award at the ISMRM 2020 meeting.
  • Achievement:

    1.Li H, Graves MJ, Shaida N, Prashar A, Lomas DJ, Priest AN. Highly accelerated subtractive femoral non-contrast-enhanced MRA using compressed sensing with k-space subtraction, phase and intensity correction.Magn Reson Med. 2021;86(1):320-334.

    2.Li H, Wang S, Graves MJ, Lomas DJ, Priest AN. Subtractive NCE-MRA: Improved background suppression using robust regression-based weighted subtraction.Magn Reson Med.2020;(June):1-15.

    3.Li H, Priest AN, Patterson I, Graves MJ, Lomas DJ. Subtractive non‐contrast‐enhanced MRI of lower limb veins using multiple flow‐dependent preparation strategies.Magn Reson Med.2019;81(3):1769-1783.

    4.Li H, Li B, Huang W, Dong L, Zhang J. Flow artifact removal in carotid wall imaging based on black and gray-blood dual-contrast images subtraction.Magn Reson Med.2017;77(4):1612-1618.

    5.Li H, Zhang S, Ma R, et al. Ultrasound intima-media thickness measurement of the carotid artery using ant colony optimization combined with a curvelet-based orientation-selective filter. Med Phys.2016;43(4):1795-1807.