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  • Zhiyuan YUAN
  • Research Direction:
  • Email:zhiyuan@fudan.edu.cn
  • Website:
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Achievement:

    [1]Zhiyuan, Y.*, et al. SEAM is a Spatial single nuclEar metAboloMics method for dissecting tissue microenvironment. Nature Methods, 2021.

    [2]Zhiyuan, Y.*, et al. SOTIP is a unified framework for microenvironment analysis with spatial omics data. Research Square, 2022.

    [3] Zhenyi, W., …Zhiyuan, Y., et al. MarkovHC: Markov hierarchical clustering for the topological structure of high-dimensional single-cell omics data with transition pathway and critical point detection. Nucleic Acid Research, 2021.