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The Themetic Forum of 2019 WAIC Will Be Held

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Brain-Inspired Artificial Intelligence and Collective Intelligence Forum of 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference will be held on August 30th, 2019 at Shanghai World Expo Center.

Brain science and artificial intelligence are the frontiers and focus of today's international science and technology. The rapid rise of application of brain-inspired intelligent algorithms combined with neurobiological principles has spawned a new generation of brain-inspired artificial intelligence systems and has brought great development opportunities for strategic emerging industries like disease diagnosis, intelligent robots, and general artificial intelligence, playing the role of a new driver and growth point in global industrial development and upgrading. With the advancement of the Internet and big data technology, the binary world composed of the human world and the physical world has become the ternary world containing the digital virtual world, corresponding to human intelligence, machine intelligence and artificial intelligence. 3D collective intelligence's theory has become a new mission in the field of artificial intelligence.

With the theme of “brain-inspired intelligence leads artificial intelligence, collective intelligence drives industrial innovation”, the forum is to further deepen the achievements of 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference and to build a forum brand as cutting-edge, originality and fundamentality. The forum will serve as a platform for scholars at home and abroad to communicate, and also a platform for research achievement publishing, talent attracting, international innovation and cooperation in the field of brain science and artificial intelligence.

The most influential AI scientists and entrepreneurs around the world likeProfessor Terrence J. Sejnowski, Professor David Lane, Professor Dacheng Tao, Professor Muming Poo, Professor Jianfeng Feng, Professor Zhongxue Gan, Prof. Ponnuthurai Nagaratnam Suganthan and Yu Hu are invited to the forum toconverse and talk about the technological frontiers, industry trends and provoking issues, so as to help promote and lead the integration of AI industry and technological innovation amid the global trend of new scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation.

Leaders from Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and Chinese Academy of Sciences will also attend the forum and deliver a speech. Moreover, special activities like the publication of the first batch achievements of Shanghai Municipal Brain and Brain-inspired Intelligence Major Project, and the initiating ceremony of the 3D collective intelligence Major Technology R&D Program will also be held at the forum.