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Facing the clinical diagnosis and treatment needs of major neurological and mental diseases, the Neural and Intelligent Engineering Center (NIEC) aims to conduct innovative research in the fields of brain function monitoring, brain health intervention, brain disease treatment and neural rehabilitation, focusing on the frontier intersection directions of digital therapy, intelligent closed-loop neuromodulation and rehabilitation, neuroelectronic drugs, and cutting-edge theories including intelligent brain-computer interaction neuromodulation, human-computer interaction cognitive behavior intervention and closed-loop neural rehabilitation, to make breakthroughs in the core technologies that integrate neuroscience such as brain computer interface, artificial intelligence, and chip materials, and thus cultivate innovative compound talents in the field of neurotechnology.

The NIEC has established a software framework platform for big data analysis, a human-computer interaction platform for Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), and an intelligent brain-computer interaction platform for neuromodulation. Targeting at Parkinson's disease, brain stroke, pain, sleep health and depression, the research center has carried out mechanism research, technological innovation and equipment research and development in the fields of digital therapy, neuroelectronic drugs, intelligent closed-loop neural modulation and rehabilitation, aiming to provide innovative solutions for brain function intervention, treatment and rehabilitation.