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Postdoc positions at the Institute of Science and Technology for Brain-inspired Intelligence of Fudan University in Neural Engineering and Digital Health.

Research Areas:

Research Area I. Neural Engineering

Research fields include closed-loop neuromodulation, intelligent brain-computer interface, neural decoding and neural stimulation.

·Neural signal processing and modelling

·Research on mechanism and algorithm of closed-loop neural modulation

·Development of neural stimulator and closed-loop neural stimulation system

·Intelligent and real-time modulation techniques based on reinforcement learning or other machine learning algorithms

Research Area 2. Digital Healthcare

Research fields include digital therapeutics, remote healthcare, wireless wearable devices and digital cognitive behavioral therapy for sleep disorder, childhood emotional disorders, Parkinson’s disease, etc.

·Research on multi-dimensional mechanism of brain disorders

·Wireless wearable monitoring and quantitative evaluation

·Big data analysis

·Human-machine interaction

·Neural rehabilitation

·Digital cognitive behavioral therapy

·Relative software and hardware system development


·Capable of conducting high-quality independent research and have teamwork spirit.

·Research experience in one of the above projects. Research background in neural engineering, neuromodulation, neural signal processing, machine learning, biomedical engineering or electronics, data analysis, neurophysiology in movement disorders, pain, depression, or sleep disorders, psychology, cognitive neuroscience and relevant fields.

·Under 35 years old and graduated no more than 3 years.

·Published 1-2 academic articles in international journals in recent 5 years.

Employment Benefits:

lInternationally competitive salary. Provide university accommodation and commercial insurance according to university policies.

lRelevant research and technological platforms to support application for various projects grants and funds.

lA pleasant working environment that provides top-class research facilities and opportunities for career development.

lSupport overseas academic visiting for outstanding postdocs.

lPostdoctoral researchers with excellent in-job performance would be recommended to university employment.‍

Application Procedure:

·A cover letter introducing your academic and work experiences, qualifications and research interests.

·CV summarizing your background of education, academic and industrial work experience and publications.

·Send your CV and cover letter to shouyan@fudan.edu.cn and niec_istbi@fudan.edu.cn with a subject as Post-doc Application.